Trade Shows and Events

Use our simulators to create a unique experience for either employees or clients. Attract prospective clients at Trade Shows or reward employees through team building events.

  • Trade Shows
  • Corporate and Hospitality Events
  • Team Building
  • Product Launches
  • Driver Training
  • Birthday Parties

The Simulators

The foot print of a single simulators is approximately 8' x 8'. 4 Simulators will fit a 20'x20' trade show booth. Each simulator comprises 3 x 43" monitors for an eye catching panoramic visual experience, a Corbeau racing seat, force feedback steering, hydraulic braking and multiple shifting options.

In addition to the hardware the software simulator replicates realistic physics, tire wear, fuel consumption and damage. Fortunately most of these features can be turned off to ensure everyone can experience being a race car driver without the consequences of real life.

Types of Events

The simulation software can cater for a broad range of motorsport options, Stock Cars, GT, Karts, Indy or Formula 1 on a variety of real world or fantasy tracks, ovals, permanent and temporary circuits, on-road or off-road.

Multiple simulators can be networked together for head-to-head competition.

For the serious minded we can organize individual events running timed Hot Lap sessions with perhaps a head-to-head race off at the end of the day. For groups a team event such as an Endurance Race with pit stops, driver changes and fueling strategies while for the not so serious we can run casual timed sessions.

In addition to capturing lap times and race results our event software can also Register Drivers collecting email addresses or phone number that we can then provide after the event to you in the form of an excel spreadsheet.

Marketing Options

The following marketing options can also be made available however some may carry an additional cost depending on the level of complexity.

  • Simulator base:

    The simulator base can be used to display company branded materials and banners.

  • Cars:

    Cars can be skinned with your company logo and colors.

  • Tracks:

    Locations or tracks can be customized replacing advertising hoardings with your advertising material.

  • Voice Overs:

    Play voice overs, promoting your product, while drivers are on the simulator.